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---NEWS--- January 2017 +++ Production of the new Force album in full progress. Release date: March 31 on Double Moon/Challenge Records +++ New shows +++
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We didn't choose the road. The road chose us. #metromara #hildenerjazztage2017 #wdr #nrw #atinybitofswag #fdlm #groove ... See MoreSee Less

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Pol Belardi Musicacebook.De Gudde Wëllen

Great line-up next week 22/06 in Lux-City! Can't wait to play with klein. and share the stage with some of Luxembourg's finest!
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Nationalfeierdag x De Gudde Wëllen x FFYS Pre-Fest

June 22, 2017, 5:00pm

De Gudde Wëllen

Free and open-air! The most beautiful stage on national day! Luxembourg-Grund - Place Auguste Engel > take the Grund elevator, cross the bridge and take a right! Program and site by FOOD FOR YOUR SE...

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Pol Belardi’s – URBAN VOYAGE
The “Urban Voyage” project was put together by Pol Belardi at the end of his studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. It was meant to be a finale to his 6 years of living abroad, and at the same time reflecting the euphoria to start over with fresh adventures, which gave the initial push to endeavour a bigger lineup and new sounds. …

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